Our wheat bag, or microwavable pain relief wrap, provides natural pain relief and relaxing warmth

Not only will it help with back pain and muscle aches, joint stiffness and cramping, it will keep you warm throughout winter , and cool during the summer

We have various shapes and sizes for different parts of the body.

We also  have a soothing wrap/jacket for our furry dog friends who suffer with join pain

Some of our wheat bags have Velcro attached, or Vecro patches, to keep bag in place, resulting in hands-free comfort. Some also come with washable covers

oversSimply place in microwave for a few seconds or minutes, depending on the size of the bag, and heat to comfortable temperature. Place on painful area for instant soothing relief







Body Exfoliating Products


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The  Dermasuri Mittens are PERFECT to prepare for your spray tan - only water is required, so no more buying expensive exfoliating lotions and soap!



TheBaiden Mitten

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Benefits of Using Baiden Mitten

  Enhances and prolongs the effects of spray tanning - you get longer and natural tan using spray   tanning aids
  Massages your skin as it exfoliates thus tones and tightens your skin
  Stimulates your skin to produce more collagen as a result causing the wrinkles soften and fade away
  Thickens your skin by increasing the blood supply to your skin and increasing the collagen
  Moisturizes your skin in the long term by stimulating oil glands in the deep skin tissue
  Stimulates cellular renewal and improves your skin texture
  Invigorates circulation, giving your skin a healthy radiance
  Removes toxins and impurities from the pores
  Reduces the size of the pores, and tones, and tightens your skin
  Helps to prevent acne and other skin disorders
  Lightens and assists with fading away acne scars and other scar tissue in long term
  Helps to detoxify the rest of the body by keeping your skin healthy
  Increases topical absorption of healthy creams or oils 








These wipes:

CLEANSES - easily removes residues, perspiration, oils and creams from the slkin wihout a shower

EXFOLIATES - unique dual textured wipe combined with natural, gentle fruit acids de-flakes and softens skin

PREPARES SKIN - removes dead skin cells and residues to help increase the penetration of spray tan solution, slimming, toning and other skin treatment products applied to the skin

40 wipes in each tub

2 or 3 wipes required to exfoliate full body

Price R330 per tub



Available now at Attagirl!

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Available now at Attagirl!

Pain relief Wheat wraps

for humans,

and of course for fur babies!

these wraps are wonderful to relieve aches and pains

Different sizes and colours available



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